Zillion SaaS Platform Adds Fuel to Health and Wellness Market
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Zillion SaaS Platform Adds Fuel to Health and Wellness Market

Cheryl Morrison Deutsch

It’s no secret that health and wellness aspirations jumped in recent years, with 80%1 of people hoping to improve their overall wellness. What’s more, consumers crave digital tools to help reach these goals – a recent study2 reported respondents would try eight out of 15 proposed digital programs.

As a result, the digital health industry is ripe for innovation. But it’s already an incredibly crowded space and one that is constantly evolving. To make their mark, organizations must be able to rapidly develop their offerings and bring them to market as quickly as possible. Doing so is no easy feat. All that goes into building a new program from scratch and launching it to consumers can become both time-consuming and costly, requiring resources and expertise that are often outside of existing in-house teams.

That’s why we developed the Zillion Platform, a cloud-based, scalable and fully configurable SaaS solution that powers health and wellness programs. The highly customizable solution meets you where you are, accelerating your time to market and bringing your program ambitions to life. From weight loss and diabetes prevention to mental health support and more, we’re here to create the foundation for health and wellness programs of all shapes and sizes.

But of course, getting to market is just the first step. From there, attracting, retaining and truly engaging users to create real, long-lasting health behavior change is what will drive success – for both your members and your business. Doing this effectively requires three core elements, which also form the fundamental pillars of the Zillion Platform:


Having the right technology to build, deliver, manage and scale is what gets programs off the ground. But developing the tech capabilities to do so in-house is not always feasible and outsourcing to app developers can be equally costly and time-consuming. Partnering with a SaaS provider is a promising alternative, especially if they can deliver the features that set you and your members up for success.

We live in a mobile-first world, which means that an intuitive mobile app interface and smart device integration is essential. To support your human coaches, a real-time insights dashboard can be incredibly valuable in helping them create more relevant and impactful interactions. Lastly, to drive continuous engagement and really reinforce positive behaviors, personalization is key. Intelligent analytics can help create that personalized touch, by delivering the right nudge at the right time to assist individuals in forming healthier lifestyles.


Content can pique the interest of users from the start and is integral in educating them on their journey to develop long-lasting, healthy habits. Consumers are craving resources that directly map to their program goals, from relaxation tools, to nutritious recipes, to in-app education. Content resources are also invaluable to coaches, providing a trusted directory to reinforce their recommendations.

The most effective content is engaging, backed by credible expertise, and targeted. Think about a time you’ve Googled a health-related question. Are you more likely to take advice from an unknown blog, or an article rooted in science? Do you absorb information better through a video? What tone of voice resonates the best? With so much health and wellness content at our fingertips, programs should be thoughtful about the type of content they host to keep users engaged.

SaaS providers can help scale the breadth, quality and volume of your content library. Many SaaS providers have already produced highly engaging content that can kickstart your platform’s knowledge base – while leaving room for some of your own resources too.


Health and wellness companies are in the game to do what they do best: help people live happier, healthier lives. At Zillion, our role is to empower these companies to keep focused on their life-defining missions, while we take care of the rest.

With 20+ years of coaching and engagement experience under our belt, and with over 100 million data points and counting, we understand what drives user engagement and what it takes to help members stick with their health and wellness programs for the long haul. No matter what stage you’re at with your health and wellness program, we’re here to provide everything from implementation and marketing support, to ongoing program consulting, customer service and member support.

The increased attention on health and wellness over the last several years is a great step toward a happier and healthier world. There is a real opportunity to shape and deliver impactful programs that change peoples’ lives for the better – our job is to help you seize it.

Learn more about how the Zillion Platform can bring your program to market in 60 days or less.


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