Machias Savings Bank's Journey to Employee Wellbeing and Resilience
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Machias Savings Bank's Journey to Employee Wellbeing and Resilience

Andrea Salazar

By Michael Gotti

In a time where mental health awareness has taken center stage, employers have recognized the vital importance of resilience training. However, a significant hurdle emerged: the reluctance of employees to approach HR representatives with their mental health concerns, fearing potential consequences. A Forbes study echoed this concern, revealing that over half of surveyed employees (54%) were uncomfortable discussing mental health issues with their managers. More alarming, 30% feared job loss, and 29% believed it could hinder their career progression, learn more here. These statistics shine light on an opportunity to greatly improve the mental health of employees. Machias Savings Bank is an example of one such company which pushed to help their employees.

These Challenges Face Everyone!

Growing mental health concerns presents both a challenge and opportunity for organizations like Machias. Virtual mental health solutions have gained traction, especially during the pandemic. Notably, one study highlighted trends regarding these solutions: although mobile app downloads reached staggering heights, user engagement dwindled over time. The gap between accessibility and sustained use revealed a need for innovative solutions. This leads to the question: How can we optimize mobile/web-based platforms to grow and maintain engagement of users?

Research unequivocally showcases the power of personalized one-on-one coaching over generic, automated interventions. Individualized coaching, a cornerstone of effectiveness, not only fosters goal attainment but also cultivates deep employee satisfaction. A specific quote from this study states, “Individual coaching created a high degree of satisfaction and was superior in helping participants attain their goals, whereas group training successfully promoted the acquisition of relevant knowledge. The results for the self-coaching condition show that independently performing exercises without being supported by a coach is not sufficient for high goal attainment.” RestoreResilience offers individualized coaching, allowing for higher levels of engagement. This was the type of solution that Machias was looking for.

RestoreResilience in Action

The journey with RestoreResilience began seamlessly for Machias. Launching the program was a breeze, with comprehensive support and information provided with support from the RestoreResilience implementation team. The remarkable aspect? Machias was actively involved, sculpting the program to align precisely with employee needs. This underlines the vital truth: You understand your employees best. RestoreResilience created an omni-channel approach for our partners. As the Machias representative said,  “We were provided all the information we needed and I took all the information and catered it towards what our employees would want and need, and had great implementation” This personalized touch played a pivotal role in initial enrollment rates, affirming its status as a best practice.

The feedback from Machias employees was overwhelmingly positive according to Machia’s representative, a testament to the program's unique approach. Simplicity was key; the program was designed to be concise and user-friendly, resonating with busy lives. RestoreResilience focuses on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Features that Machias employees seemed to enjoy were easy food and exercise logging, encouraging engagement in the program. This balance between the mental and physical plays a role in building the resilience of our members.

RestoreResilience’s unique and personalized 1 on 1 health coaching was a key area of success. A specific quote from the Machias testimonial states: “It makes a world of difference to the health and wellbeing of our employees” and“makes them more intentional in their wellness activities because they had someone to report back to and checked in on their activities”. This style of coaching made the difference for Machias, causing employees to fully immerse themselves in the program. The emphasis on personalized coaching tackles the challenges highlighted in the Forbes study, bridging the gap between employee needs and finding a place for their own support. The alignment between caring employer, dedicated coaching, and a unique product created a culture of intentionality, driving positive changes in mental wellbeing.

Summary: A Partnership For Building Resilience

Machias Savings Bank's journey with RestoreResilience paints a picture of a truly beneficial partnership. The bank's unwavering commitment to its employees, combined with the program's personalized coaching and tailor-made approach, showcases a blueprint for success. In a world where mental health challenges persist, organizations like Machias and programs like RestoreResilience show a path toward building resilience and mental wellness in the workplace. If you would like to watch the testimonial for yourself, click the link here.

Action is needed

As you support your employees on their journey to better mental health, consider that mental health is more than just mental. It is physical, emotional, behavioral, health and more. In order to improve mental health you need to offer resources to build all of these aspects as well.

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