How to Create Higher Job Satisfaction With Your Employees in the New Year

How to Create Higher Job Satisfaction With Your Employees in the New Year

Michelle Schwartz

by Michael Gotti

By now, you are probably aware of what is being called the great resignation. Increased employee turnover can cause a lot of headaches and can also be expensive. The best way to know the true level of your employee turnover is by understanding their job satisfaction. Together, let's discuss some ways that we can reduce turnover by increasing job satisfaction in the new year.

Utilizing Personalized Benefits

As we continue to learn how to best help our employees, we need to find the most effective solution. In recent years there has been a dramatic shift in the way workplace benefits are being delivered. The previous approach of a one-size-fits-all no longer concerns employees. Every employee has different goals and needs. It is impossible to help your employees with all of their individual preferences and concerns, but taking a personalized approach is an effective way to make them know you care.

One report conducted by United Insurance suggests that “over 40% of workers said their company loyalty would increase if their benefit options were customized to meet their individual needs." By switching to a more personalized program, you are not only increasing job satisfaction but employee retention. The cost of employee turnover is high, making the need to switch to these types of programs far more important.

Inclusivity and Job Satisfaction

The workplace continues to require a more accepting and inclusive environment for employees. Many companies are expanding opportunities for employees and driving home the importance of it.

One report found that inclusive organizations employees are 19% more likely to stay longer with the organization, and collaborate 57% more effectively with peers. So what are ways we can increase employee inclusivity?

Inclusivity in the workplace can be improved by:

1.     Adding mentorship programs

2.     Improving word choices and communication

3.     Changing company culture

4.     Providing relevant benefits for each employee

Addressing Stress in and out of the Workplace

It can be hard to manage the stressors of work and everyday life. And stress plays the largest role in job satisfaction. Our goal is then to minimize addressable stress felt by our employees.

A study published in 2016 found that there was a correlation between job satisfaction and productivity, with the recommendation, “Role insufficiency” and “role ambiguity” should be improved and supervisor support must be increased to reduce job stress and increase job satisfaction and productivity.”

What is a manager’s role in stress reduction? Managers should practice giving realistic time frames for the completion of projects while also checking in with their employees, ensuring that they feel validated. If an employee feels as if they are not important enough for management to care about, why should they stay? Encouraging employees to be open and engage in the dialog will improve the validation the employees felt they initially lacked, in turn, improving their overall satisfaction.

RestoreResilience: How we can help

RestoreResilience is a personalized mental health program that tackles stress management, inclusivity, and individual goals. Using our personalized health coaches, your employees will be able to address their everyday stressors and build coping mechanisms to improve their overall mental health.

Data collected from RestoreResilience found that nearly 70% of users reported a better ability to cope with work-related stress and 68% of users had improved mood. 71% of respondents said they used RestoreResilience weekly. Two respondents stated:

I have greatly benefited from having weekly support, accountability, and interventions. I have achieved great success with my initial goals.
This absolutely helped me, I have tried several different things to help me with work-related stress affecting my life and this is the only thing to help me in 3 years! It saved my life.

With RestoreResilience able to provide a safe and caring environment for your employees, we are proud to continue to improve your employee's mental health. Let’s make 2023 the year we all improve our mental health and employee retention.

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