Stress: Understanding it, manage it!
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Stress: Understanding it, manage it!

Kristen Simon
Kristen Simon

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. In small and intermittent doses, stress helps keep the brain alert and can be valuable practice for coping with emergency situations. But facing high stress levels too frequently can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds.

The past year illustrated the damaging impacts of increased stress, with two out of three adults reporting increased stress levels1 and nearly half claiming it has negatively affected their behavior – 20% feeling like they “snap” or get angry very quickly, sometimes even toward a loved one (17%). Our bodies also respond physically to increased stress levels in a myriad of ways, from muscle tension, to weight gain or loss, chest pain, stomach pain, teeth grinding, difficulty sleeping, or headaches.

If left unchecked, these symptoms can build up over time to reach a point of overwhelm. Learning to recognize the signs of stress, and then developing strategies to take control of them, are crucial to avoid that pile-up and maintain whole body health and wellbeing.

Our health coaches share their stress management tips

In the spirit of Stress Awareness Month2 — celebrated each April to remind us of the huge role stress plays in our health – we asked our Restore Coaches how they manage stress in their own lives:

Coach Bizzy
Getting in at least one good laugh a day!🤪

Coach Kerry
Lighting a good candle and laying on the couch for a bit.

Coach Kelly
Exercise outside! Getting into nature at least for 45 mins daily has made a huge impact to my stress response.

Coach Cathy
Drinking an herbal loose-leaf tea at the start and end of my day. And walking outside daily is non-negotiable.

Coach Corey
Exercise! It clears my head, expends any negative energy I might be carrying from stress, and I feel a noticeable difference in my mood when I’m done. Bonus if I can make it happen outside!

Coach Kristianna
When I feel stress, I take a moment to breathe and check in with my body to release any tension. That works wonders for me in the moment!

Coach Debbie
Getting outside every day for a walk in the woods or along the water. And I’ll take deep breaths for when I need them in the moment of feeling stress.

Coach Paloma
Stress-relief for me is movement, similar to Coach Corey. It helps me shake any negative energy. But I've also found that meditation is the perfect outlet for me to sit in the discomfort and address why I am reacting to the stressful situation.

Coach Ngozi
I have a lot of strategies - getting a good night’s rest, taking a bath or long hot shower, lighting a candle, or going on a walk in nature. Exercise is one of the best stress relievers for me! Moving the body is 🙌🏾

Coach Vanessa
I love doing the Qi Gong practice called Shaking Tree or Shaking Like a Tree3. It looks and feels weird at first, but SO helpful!

Coach Matt
Exercise for me! I like walking my dogs, going on a hike, resistance training, or riding my bike.

Our coaches work with members everyday via 1:1 text messaging and phone calls, developing reactive and proactive responses to stress. In the moment strategies could include taking a deep breath, stepping outside, or calling a friend. On top of that, it’s vital to build a regular practice - exercise, meditation, yoga, etc. - that helps you manage stress on an ongoing basis.

Learn more about how your employees can benefit from coaches’ support to implement strategies like these, here.



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