Prioritizing Wellbeing All Summer Long
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Prioritizing Wellbeing All Summer Long


The season of sunshine and sweat is upon us and so often with it comes adventure – whether that’s to a friend’s barbecue, a weekend trip to the water, country, or woods, or even just a ten-minute trip outside for some fresh air during your lunch break! Although exploring and enjoying new adventures are some of the sweetest things summer has to offer, spontaneity and change can often be followed by a spiral of broken habits. Just because your schedule is changing doesn’t mean your goals or habits have to as well.  

Zillion understands that sticking to your physical and mental health goals can be challenging, especially as schedules shift during the summer, so our Restore coaches compiled some tips to help you stay on track while still making sure you enjoy everything your summer has to offer. 

The sweet summer won’t last forever, so make sure to enjoy it. But, don’t forget to prioritize your wellbeing, starting with the tips below!

COACH KRISTEN: It’s simple (and maybe not what we think of when we think of ‘health’), but the best way to have a healthy summer is to wear sunscreen. Every day, even if it’s cloudy! Apply in the morning and if going outside, reapply every 2 hours.

COACH KERRY: With the summer heat, it’s important to stay hydrated and keep cool. Grab a new water bottle to kick off summer and bring it wherever you go! Try a sparkling water or fruit-infused water for something new.

COACH BIZZY: With the nicer weather, take ONE nice deep breath of fresh air, even if it's a 5-minute break from work. Close your eyes and feel the sunshine on your face as you breathe! Take it a step further and think of one thing you’re grateful for today.

COACH DEBORAH: Heading to a BBQ this #4thofJuly? Offer to bring the salad! Asked to bring the beer? Bring a light beer. Get more inspiration from the recipes section on your Restore Health app!

COACH SARAH: This summer, try to slow down and feel more present in the moment. Float in a pool, read a book, go on a walk with your family or just take a few deep breaths. It’s worth it.  

COACH HEIDI: Leaving on a jet plane? Hydrate for 24 hours before your flight. Planes are as dry as the desert, so prepare your body for the journey by drinking water early and often before boarding. You'll hit the ground ready to go!

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